Shoe Weights

... make Walking a Workout...

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** Treadmills become a real challenge when treadmill users add the intensity of Shoe Weights to their treadmill workout. **

Only $36.00 for a Set of 6 Weights in any color you choose!!

Six different colors of weights for Shoe Weights

Try wearing just one Shoe Weight wherever you go for a day.
Remove it and see how Shoe Weights energize your stride and make you feel light on your feet.

a Simple Concept ...

Weight training improves strength and endurance. 
Shoe Weights™ apply weight training to walking.

SHOE WEIGHTS™ have all the benefits of ankle weights WITHOUT restricting circulation.

How Shoe Weights™ make walking a workout:

Effective exercise has 3 factors:

Frequency, Intensity, Duration

Vigorous exercise that combines these 3 factors will permanently raise your resting metabolic rate which is the key to lasting results.

Walking is excellent low impact exercise because it is continuous and rhythmic motion.  Unfortunately, intensity is limited to the up side of hills.

Adding weight resistance to walking forces the largest muscles of the body to work harder with every step.

Resistance while walking

With the average walking stride being 26 inches and each mile having 63,360 inches, there are approximately 2,437 strides in a mile. If you walk a mile wearing three Shoe Weights (weighing 1/2 pound) on each shoe, you would lift and extend over 1,218 pounds in a single mile!

The added intensity helps to permanently raise your resting metabolic rate.

Faithful fitness walking, combined with the benefits of weight resistance, will give you.....

  • Dramatically improved aerobic fitness
  • Stronger, well toned muscles
  • More energy and endurance
  • Higher metabolic rate
  • Lasting results

    Shoe Weights™ provide a perfect anytime, anywhere, life long fitness program.


    Wear Shoe Weights™ during your aerobic workout
    and get more exercise in the same amount of time!

    "With so many Fitness products available I would like everyone to know that Shoe Weights™ resulted from experimenting with ways to rehabilitate my knee, when I discovered the many benefits of simply adding weight resistance to walking."

    Dennis Walsh, Inventor

    Energize your Stride by ...

    Maximizing the aerobic benefits of walking!
    Strengthening your leg and hip muscles!
    Improving cardiovascular endurance!
    Developing a quick, powerful stride!
    Selecting the best weight for your fitness level ... 1, 2 or 3 weights!
    Shoe Weights™ are Ideal for treadmill walkers!

    Shoe Weights™

    Are Easy to Use!


    Shoe Weight Diagram

    Turn each of the three weights upside down, slip under the crossed laces and turn over with both laces in the slot on top.  Reverse to remove.

    Note that three SHOE WEIGHTS™ together on one shoe weigh 1/2 pound.

    SHOE WEIGHTS™ is the ONLY product on the market that allows you to choose the amount of weight per shoe that's comfortable for you, up to 1/2 pound.

    Product for runners

    Order Shoeweights

    Nordic Blue Red Turquoise White Rose Pink

    6 Shoeweights in Set
    (3 weights/shoe)

    Shoe with Nordic Blue Weights

    6 Shoeweights in Set
    (3 weights/shoe)

    Red Shoe Weights

    6 Shoeweights in Set
    (3 weights/shoe)

    Turquoise Shoe Weights

    6 Shoeweights in Set
    (3 weights/shoe)

    White Shoe Weights

    6 Shoeweights in Set
    (3 weights/shoe)

    Rose Pink Shoe Weights



    ** Our apologies -- we are currently out of Black weights

    Cost: $36 per set ***
    Plus $7.50 Shipping and Handling
    No multiple discounts

    Credit cards accepted by paypal

    *** All orders outside of the US and Canada please contact us at
    before placing your order, to verify that we are able to ship to your country.


    To order your 6 weight set (3 weights for each shoe) by CHECK
    please print out our Information Form (click here for form), then 
    send the form along with $36.00 plus $7.50 S & H per set to:

    Shoe Weights
    P.O. Box 837
    Longmont, CO  80502

    Payment Methods Accepted:

      - Personal Check
      - Money Order / Cashiers Check

    Make Payable to: Shoe Weights

    Indicate the number of sets (6 weights per set) you are ordering and your color preference.


    Please always consult with a physician before starting any exercise program.



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